Sad Monkey

Who is He ?

Sad Monkey

Founder of the Monkey Society, an anonymous group of Cyber-Activists and author of "The Monkey Manifest", he revealed in 2007 the large fraud of the banking system, which led to the bankrupt of many banks.

Leader of the International Revolution

Since 2007, Sad Monkey calls all the Citizens of the World to revolt against the main and injust Order. That's why Sad Monkey believes that a profund Revolution will change the World in the next few years.

Join Us !

If you feel true injustice in this f***** up World, join the Monkey Society, join Sad Monkey, join the Revolution ! How ? You don't need to be a confirmed hacker or a strong arms person, just join the Community, here, bring all your friends to this Ultimate Cause, make our message stronger !

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Donate here. Why Donating ? Revolution comes also with Art, that's why we finance multiple art projects that make the People more aware, like Io-The Series and many other projects.

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Enough is enough ! Show your commitment and share this petition to all your friends. It's a new dawn, for Us , Citizens of the World.

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You can write History and join the Monkey Society. Yes, Revolution is truly coming.